Role: UI/UX Designer
Timeline: June 2017 - September 2017


GoBambino Case Study

September 2017


My Role

I was tasked with first creating the MVP sign-up page for business clients interested in listing their business on GoBambino. My second goal was to design the MVP for the native app. I was the sole individual responsible for the design.


The Problem

If you have kids, you know that you have very little free time. And during those times when you do have a babysitter over, the kids are most likely not doing anything. GoBambino was created to provide a service that allowed parents to have some free time away while also providing their kids a fun outlet with activities. The idea was to create a stress-free, commitment-free way for parents to book activities for their kids while also helping studios fill vacant spaces.  


Web: B2B Sign Up Form


Native App MVP

Artboard 2 Copy@2x.png